If you could not tell from the website URL I am Ryan Griffin and this is my security blog.

I found my love for ethical hacking and cyber security at Ferris State University. At Ferris State I was President of the Information Security and Intelligence Alliance and made some awesome friends. Some of the people who really inspired me while I was there were my teachers Jerry Emerick and Vel Pavlov.

At Ferris I became friends with Adam Logue and Connor Ivens who continue to do hacking competitions and responsible disclosure of vulnerabilities with me.

After graduating from Ferris State I got a job at OST working as an ethical hacker/Security consultant for Scott Montgomery. In this position I do security assessments for over 120 customers a year in every type of industry imaginable.

I love learning new things and I am always striving to improve. Playing sports all my life has given me a competitive mindset and I have carried it to my IT profession. This mindset has made me invest many sleepless nights and several hours of group work outside of class to overachieve and learn everything I can about my profession.